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Unique '101 Classic Tips on Money Management' Ebook Offer

Over the years I have gained immense wisdom, while assisting you with your personal finance and investments. I have compiled the same into a small but invaluable Ebook '101 Classic Tips on Money Management'.

It is available on an Unusual and Unbelievable Offer : If you like it… Pay for it. If you don’t… It’s FREE.

No obligations! No commitments! Nothing!

Printing, Copying and Sharing ALLOWED…
... with Family, friends, relatives (if you like it)
... with Enemies (if you don’t)

If you think it’s worth paying for…

Price (for you): Whatever amount you would like to pay…

Price (for me): Invaluable

In this Ebook you will find "Invaluable" Tips on...
... financial planning
... equity shares
... mutual funds
... fixed-income products
... insurance
... credit cards
... loans
... gold
... miscellaneous


To download the book, you can either
a) Go to my blog http://blog.wealtharchitects.in and click on the given link
b) Click on the title here to directly access the book '101 Classic Tips on Money Management'

Meanwhile, given below are a few of the tips excerpted from the book.

1. The secret to becoming rich, and also enjoying many luxuries, is to first build REAL ASSETS. And then, start buying things from the RETURNS that you generate from such REAL ASSETS.

(IMP: What are these REAL ASSETS? Read Tips 10 and 11 in my Ebook)

2. History has proven, time and again, that 
- 'worst' of the times, are the 'best' of the times to invest
- not even God can 'time' the markets
- 'good' businesses almost always make money
But I guess, people don't read history.

3. Does the fund-size matter? Logically, No. But practical experience shows that average-sized funds have often delivered ‘better’ performance, ‘consistently’. Hence, funds with too small or too large an AUM (Assets Under Management) can be skipped. 

4. Never ever chase 'supernormal' returns from debt investments. More often than not, these are just a scam. Higher the interest 'promised' as compared to the 'normal' bank deposits, higher is the probability that you will not get your money back.

5. Thou shall NOT BUY life insurance policy, when
~ Your primary objective is ‘investment’
~ You have to ‘save tax’
Because the alternative options are far (far) superior!

6. Are you using your Credit Card as an ATM card and withdrawing cash against it? Congrats! You may soon become bankrupt. Because ‘cash’ gets no free credit period. The (high) interest time-bomb starts ticking as soon as the cash is dispensed.

7. Lenders often mislead the borrowers with interest rate jargon, where the loans appear a lot cheaper than they actually are. Simple solution to protect yourself from such dubious deals… don’t look at the interest rates. Instead, go for the lowest EMI/lakh for a given loan tenure. After all, what matters is how much (real) money goes out of your pocket every month.

8. Gold-on-instalment schemes are worth considering ONLY if you desire gold jewelry for personal use; not as an investment (subject, naturally, to the condition that the underlying ‘terms and conditions’ are favourable to you). Caution! You are taking a big risk on the jeweler. So be very careful.

9. Making money is not only about making the right choices. But it also requires getting out of the wrong ones… in ‘right’ time. So don’t be afraid to book a loss, if you have taken a bad decision. It is easy to get out of small holes, not the big ones.

Your reaction to the Ebook and comments, ideas, suggestions, queries most welcome at contact@wealtharchitects.in.

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest ~ Benjamin Franklin

101 Classic Tips Money Gyaan

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