Are misleading insurance advertisements dead and gone?

IRDAI intends to kill the deceptive, ambiguous, confusing and fallacious advertising by the insurance companies. Its Master Circular on Insurance Advertisements aims to do so.

Given human greed and intense competition to get business, this definitely is not going to be easy. Will IRDAI succeed in its mission?

Fake ways to dispose off counterfeit notes return

Once upon a time, we tried devious ways to palm off fake notes to others, if we were unlucky to get one.

Around two years back, Reserve Bank of India granted some benefit (of doubt) to aam aadmi, in this matter of counterfeit notes. Tragically, this relief now stands withdrawn.

Do you fear Mutual Funds and bank on Banks?

Conceptually speaking, there is simply no difference between a bank and a mutual fund. Both 
(a) function in the same manner and 
(b) towards the same objective.

Want to know how these two, apparently different entities, are essentially alike?

All about Credit Score and importance of the same

The concept of Credit Score is still quite new to India. As such, very few people are aware of it and ignorant about its significance.

In fact, it is known more commonly by a specific name... CIBIL Score (we shall see later, why).

Historic crash in stock markets? Oh, I didn't know that.

August 24, 2015 was a Black Monday for the stock markets across the world. I knew NOTHING about it.

As a financial advisor and with more than 70% of my money invested in stocks, this would surely shock you.

Was I stranded on some deserted island or lost in deep African jungles? No. I was very much in town and working. So how did I miss one of the biggest crash in the stock market in many years?

Company Fixed Deposits are toxic investments, avoid

Three important fixed-income product categories include
- Bank Fixed Deposits (incl. Post Office Schemes)
- Company Fixed Deposits (incl. NCDs)
- Debt Mutual Funds

In your best interest, I would strongly advise you to NEVER invest in company fixed deposits.

Your annuity pension payout option is needed, now

As you know, when your Pension Policy matures, you have to buy an Annuity Plan with the maturity amount.

It is this Annuity Plan, under which your pension is paid out, post retirement.

A typical Annuity Plan offers you many options to receive this pension. [Detailed write-up on the same is available at How you wish to receive pension in your Annuity].

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