Which type of Financial Illiterate are you?

Financial inclusion is the buzzword. Vast "unbanked" population has to be brought under the formal financial sector.

And closely associated to financial inclusion, is their financial literacy. Various Govt. / private organizations such as RBI, SEBI, AMFI, IRDA, etc. are all individually involved in spreading financial awareness.

Dark reality of home financing schemes exposed

Among the many ways to lure buyers, builders offer "seemingly" attractive financing schemes, to "dispose" off their unsold inventory of property.

Why I say 'seemingly' is because, you will always find a few devils in the fine print. Thus, I warn you... don't get dazzled by glamorous advertisements and jazzy brochures on real estate.

Savers remain poor. Investors become rich. What are you? (Audio Blog)

Most people merely SAVE money. Hence, they are always struggling to make both ends meet. Some, however, take proactive steps to INVEST it productively. They are the ones who normally become crorepatis and millionaires.

Given below is the audio version of my blog post Don't just Save. Invest!

Tax benefit on NPS is all bogus and sham

As I have repeatedly cautioned, taxation is one of the biggest drawbacks of the National Pension System (NPS).

The Govt's intention was to create a social security system for the aam aadmi. However, the NPS designed is simply too complicated and convoluted. So it doesn't surprise me at all that few know about; and fewer invest in it.

Why you shouldn't buy Index Funds? (Audio Blog)

Index funds invest only the best of the best companies. They are not affected by the whims and fancies of a fund manager. And they have the minimum fund management charges among equity funds. Yet, I don't like Index Funds.

Given below is the audio version of my blog post Do Not Buy Index Funds.

File your income tax returns with smile and serenity

Well, I guess I should first say a small sorry for torturing you with the third article in quick succession, on one of the most hated and depressing topics in the world — filing of income tax returns.

Yet, as I have already reassured you [Do I have to file income tax returns?], the process this year is simply too simple.

Do I have to file income tax returns?

It is commonly believed that if you don't have to pay tax, you don't have to file your income tax returns.

However, many among you would surely be disappointed to note that this belief is NOT TRUE. Even if you have no tax to pay, you may still have to compulsorily file your tax returns... or face a penalty.

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