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Sensex Dow Jones Nifty Nasdaq All Meaningless All Misleading

Stock market indices — such as the Sensex, Nifty, Dow Jones, Nasdaq — are one of the most hotly discussed and debated numbers.

This is indeed unfortunate:

Because, these numbers are utterly useless. They add absolutely NO VALUE to one's decision making - when to buy (or sell) shares. As such, a serious investor is well advised to 'totally' ignore them.

In fact, almost every day I am asked this question "What do you think of the markets?". And, as you would have rightly guessed, my typical reply is "I don't follow the markets."

How Currency Risk Haunts Your Investments And Expenses

Your investment in Fixed Deposits is prone to Default Risk... the bank / company fails to pay you interest or repay your principal amount.

Your investment in Insurance is prone to Liquidity Risk... you can't access your money without paying heavy surrender charges.

Your investment in equity / equity mutual funds is prone to Market Risk... the stock prices fall sharply, wiping away all your gains and also a significant part of your original investment.

Apart from these familiar risks to your investments, one more risk is becoming commonplace... Currency Risk.

e-Nivaran: Your Income Tax Grievance Redressal Revolutionized

Wow! No more visits to the income tax office. No more hassles. No more harassment.

As you would have personally experienced, filing of income tax returns has become extremely simple since the launch of e-filing portal. Even the refunds are generally being paid within a matter of weeks; as against many months (and many reminders) in the past.

And, henceforth, even your day-to-day issues, complaints and grievances related to income tax, would be handled online... through e-Nivaran.

Are You Misbehaving With Your Money?

If you think you are behaving appropriately with your money, you are (most) probably wrong.

Given the way our brains are wired, it is almost impossible not to let your 'emotions overpower reason'. As such, it is almost impossible not to make the most obvious mistakes.

And, this reflects in many of our day-to-day money matters too.

End Result: Wrong investment decisions.

One Credit Report Per Year Now Absolutely FREE

Great News! You can now ask for your Credit Information Report without paying any charges for the same.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed the Credit Information Companies to provide all individuals, whose credit history is available with them, their Full Credit Report... free of cost.

The key aspects of the notification [Free Annual Credit Report to Individuals dated September 1, 2016] issued by the RBI, in this regards, are detailed below.

Depreciation Loss in Vehicle Insurance? Think Zero!

You have bought a "Comprehensive" Insurance Policy to insure your vehicle.

However, when any damage happens, the claim payable is only a part of the total cost of repairs. This often leads to disputes.

The reason is (a) confusion about the term 'comprehensive' and (b) ignorance about the term 'depreciation'.

Let's first understand what is comprehensive insurance cover.

9-day Window To Invest In Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds are again available for investment. The Public Issue of its 5th Tranche is now open.

As mentioned in the past also, this is the Govt's initiative to encourage people to switch from "physical" to "financial" gold.

These Gold Bonds are a double bonanza.

One, it gives the Indian investors a much better alternative to invest in gold.

Two, it curtails India's current account deficit, by reducing its dependence on the imported gold. This is good for the Indian economy; which, in turn, is good for its people too.

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