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Words of Wisdom : "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." ~ David Brinkley

The Best Insurance Policy for your Child

I am often asked this question 'Which is the best insurance policy for my child?'.

And the most simple and appropriate answer is - 'None'.

What is the primary objective of a life insurance policy?

The purpose of a life insurance policy is to mitigate the "financial hardship", that the family may suffer, in case of any unfortunate eventuality to the person insured.

Given this fact, let us look at two different scenarios.

The Curious Case Of Poor Returns From Debt Mutual Funds

Debt mutual funds invest the corpus in financial securities that pay interest. They don't invest in the stock markets.

Logically, therefore, the interest income should accrue and add to the fund. Consequently, the NAV of such debt funds should also increase correspondingly.

However, even though the interest rates have been around 6-9% in recent times, many debt funds have delivered only around 3-5% returns. This is particularly true for long-term debt funds.

Oops! Where has the money gone missing? Is there some fraud involved?

What's Your TRUE Net Worth And How To Increase It

In plain and simple terms, your Net Worth is the "net monetary value" of what you OWN and what you OWE.

The formula to calculate Net Worth is pretty simple and straighforward.

Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities  
- Assets are your possessions
- Liabilities are your obligations

If your assets exceed the liabilities, you have a +ve Net Worth.

And when your liabilities are more than your assets, your Net Worth becomes -ve.

How Much Should I Borrow To Buy A Car?

Unlike in the past, buying things on loan has become quite common. People are no longer willing to wait till they have saved enough money to fulfill their desire(s). There are so many financing options available today.

However, going overboard with your loans can have (very) serious consequences.

9 Simple Yet Priceless Tips On Your Money Management

Over the years, while assisting you with your personal finances and investments, I have gained immense knowledge and wisdom.

Early last year, I had compiled the same into a small but invaluable Ebook '101 Classic Tips on Money Management'.

In this Ebook I have enumerated "Invaluable" Tips on...
... financial planning
... equity shares
... mutual funds
... fixed-income products
... insurance
... credit cards
... loans
... gold
... miscellaneous

Listed below are a few of the tips excerpted from the book.

Personal Finance Mistakes (You Would Surely Like to Avoid)

Human behaviour is extremely perplexing and confusing. It is full of strange and baffling contradictions.

Therefore, when I observe the many varied day-to-day situations, I am forced to seriously wonder — Is the human being really as wise, intelligent and sensible as he thinks he is?

Listed below are some of the extremely common mistakes that people make, when it comes to managing their money.

Low Inflation Erodes Tax Superiority Of Debt Funds

Last month I wrote an article on how you can enjoy around 57% Tax Cut On Debt Mutual Funds Vs Fixed Deposits.

This is particularly true for the investors in higher 20-30% tax brackets.

And, this tax superiority of debt mutual funds, comes from the indexation benefit. As you know, indexation benefit is a sort of compensation provided under the Income Tax Act, for the inflation that you suffer.

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