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Ten Key Money Tips For Parents When A New Baby Is Expected

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in one's life.

However, it also brings about a monumental change in our responsibilities and liabilities. These can appear quite daunting, intimidating and challenging... if not planned well and well in advance.

So here's a short and sweet 10-point checklist to ensure that your transition into parenthood is 'financially' smooth and joyful.

Is Your FREE Credit Report 'Actually' Free?

I presume that by now you are surely aware of Credit Report and Credit Score; which, till a few years back, was an alien concept.

In fact, I doubt if in recent times you would have paid your OWN money to buy a smartphone, TV, laptop, washing machine, refrigerator or some such product. Most likely it would have been on EMIs (i.e. Equated Monthly Instalments). In short, nowadays you are buying more and more things on loan.

And, this is where your Credit Report and Credit Score assumes importance.

Home Loan Interest Rates Hiked. What's Your Game Plan?

Stocks are not the only financial products that are volatile.

Even the interest rates go through periodic cycles of ups and downs.

And, if you are a home loan borrower, your personal finances could experience serious stress when the interest rates are rising.

This calls for an immediate action... to bring down the total interest outgo and / or the monthly EMI payout.

The Rise of Mobile Wallets: A Threat to Credit/Debit Cards?

In this increasingly digital world, physical cash is losing its charm faster than ever. However, there are many valid reasons that support the transition. For instance, it’s inconvenient to carry a large amount of cash for big-ticket purchases such as a two-wheeler or a home appliance. Also, digital payment methods can help save money through cashback offers and special discounts.

How Much Capital Gains Tax Do You Have To Pay?

In an earlier blog post 'Capital Assets, Capital Gains And Capital Gains Tax', the following points were covered:
- What is Capital Gains
- What are Capital Assets
- Why is the holding period important
- How are short-term and long-term capital gains calculated
- What is Indexed Cost
- What are 'Expenses incurred for sale' and 'Cost of improvement'
- What are the tax exemptions allowed on capital gains

Fixed Deposit Or Debt Fund Or PF Or Tax-free Bond Or...

There are many types of fixed-income investments. These mainly include
- Bank Fixed Deposits
- Company Fixed Deposits
- Company Bonds and Debentures
- Tax-free Bonds
- Govt. of India Savings (Taxable) Bonds
- Debt Mutual Funds
- Employee Provident Fund (EPF)
- Insurance policies such as moneyback and endowment
- Post Office Small Savings Schemes (e.g. PPF, POMIS, Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, Sukanya Samriddhi, Kisan Vikas Patra and many more)

RBI To Issue New Rs.100 Currency Notes

Reserve Bank of India is in the process of introducing a new banknote of Rs.100 denomination in the near future.

As per the notification issued on July 19, 2018, RBI has stated that the base colour of the new currency note of Rs.100 will be Lavender. And, as a measure to depict India's vast cultural heritage, the note has a motif of 'Rani ki Vav' on the reverse side.

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