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The Intelligent Investor is by far the best investment book, say Warren Buffett

You cannot learn and master any language without first knowing its alphabets and grammar.

Likewise, you cannot learn and master equity investing until you have learnt its alphabets and grammar.

And, I sincerely believe that the best resource to do so is the book The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, updated with new commentary by Jason Zwieg.

Surrender Your Insurance Policy (If It's Not Too Late)

It is a well known fact that most people buy life insurance policies (primarily moneyback / endowment plans and sometimes ULIPs) with investment being the sole or main objective. Life cover is considered as an add-on benefit.

It is a lesser known fact that moneyback / endowment plans give terrible returns. ULIPs too can be a bad investment, unless the applicable charges are low.

Therefore, the ideal situation would be to avoid insurance if you are looking for an investment option.

Five Public Issues of Sovereign Gold Bonds in 2018-19

The Central Govt., together with Reserve Bank of India, has announced the entire calender for the Public Issues of Sovereign Gold Bonds during the current Financial Year 2018-19.

There is one public issue every month – designated as Series II to VI  beginning from Oct 2018 to Feb 2019 (Series I was issued in April 2018).

Salient features of the same detailed below:

How A Short-term Loan Can Improve Your CIBIL Score?

Need to make a big purchase like a home or a car? Or want to invest in your kids’ education for a bright future? Taking a loan seems like an easy option if you have a large expense looming over your head.

If only, you have been to a bank with a loan application. A huge list of documents, verifications and attestations and lastly, the credit score.

Why Did The Beggar Refuse A Rs.2000 Note?

One fine morning, Mr. Rich was travelling to his office in his chauffeur-driven car. Last evening he had received the confirmation from US for an order worth Rs.100+ crores, which he had been pursuing for many months.

Given that he was in such a good mood, Mr. Rich offered a Rs.2000 note to a beggar when his car stopped at the red signal.

To his utmost surprise, the beggar refused to take the same. However, when offered a Rs.100 note, the beggar readily took it and went away happily.

Why was the beggar ok with Rs.100 and not Rs.2000?

Sharp Hike In Q3 Interest Rates On Small Savings Schemes

The Govt. has increased the interest rates on various Post Office Small Savings Schemes for the 3rd quarter of the current financial year 2018-19.

This announcement was made by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance vide its Office Memorandum — Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes — dated Sept 19, 2018.

This hike in interest rates is a welcome change after a long time. And, a bit surprisingly, it's a rather steep increase of 0.3-0.4%.

7 reasons why opening a demat account with Angel Broking can provide you high returns

Any investor expects good returns when he opens a demat account to deal in the stock market. It is necessary to deal with the right broker to optimize the returns. This is where Angel Broking comes into the picture as one of the most trusted stock brokers in the country.

Opening an Angel Broking Demat Account is accomplished in simple steps and after that you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

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