Investment Products May Fail, Processes Don't

One point is certain... you can't always win!

Even the best of the players or teams, don't have a 100% winning record. But what differentiates a "winner" from the "loser", is the higher probability — and consistency — of successes.

This happens when the focus is on "preparation", not merely on "playing".

Paying too much income tax on salary?

Your salary income is, usually, never a "single" consolidated amount. Rather, the total cost to company (CTC) comprises many components.

Each of these components is taxed differently.

Hence, structuring your salary is important; so that for a given total package, your income tax liability is the least (hopefully, nil).

11 Sure Reasons for Car Insurance Claim Rejection

Any damage to your car is an extremely unhappy and agonizing incident.

It become even more tragic, when the insurance company refuses to honour your claim for repairing the damage(s).

'Being forewarned is forearmed' is a common proverb. 

SIP, STP and SWP : Mutual fund mumbo jumbo

Stock markets can often be extremely volatile.

To minimize the negative impact of these violent movements, one should (almost) always take a slow and steady approach to equity investment.

This is where mutual funds prove their excellence, with facilities such as SIP, STP and SWP.

Top 5 Mutual Funds You Must Invest In

Most people would be deeply disappointed with this article.

Why? Because, contrary to their expectations, I am not going to specifically name the best mutual fund schemes.

Frankly speaking, this kind of spoon feeding is not the right approach. In fact, it is extremely harmful.

Credit card limit increase a double-edged sword

Has your employer been generous with your salary hikes?

Have you been a good borrower, with an excellent record of timely repayment?

If so, you can surely expect your bank to enhance the spending limit on your credit card(s). But... should you fall for this smashing offer?

Latest Personal Finance News (and Views) Updates

A lot is happening in the world of personal finance.

Most developments have already been covered in my detailed blog posts published regularly.

Here's an overview of some of the other KEY developments, with regards to your every day money matters.

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