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Car Insurance Premium Chopped With Six Easy Tricks

Are you paying an "unreasonably" high premium every year on insuring your vehicle?

Would you be interested in "drastically" slashing this premium burden... forever?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

Listed below are six extremely simple steps, which will significantly bring down the annual premium bill on your vehicle insurance.

But before that an important point:

Life Insurance Policy Now More Harmful For Your Pockets

Are you planning to buy, a moneyback or endowment type of life insurance policy, in this annual tax-saving season?

If no, brilliant! If yes, terrible!

Agreed, it is lot more convenient to buy a single product, that gives the triple benefit of Insurance, Investment and Tax-Saving.

However, we have to pay a huge (huge) price for this convenience. Hence, it is extremely unfortunate and foolish, if we still go ahead and take such a stupid and dreadful step.

Aplenty Income Tax Benefits For The Senior Citizens

The Indian Income Tax Act offers multiple benefits to the senior citizens vis-a-vis the younger tax payers.

Here's a brief overview of the same.

But before that:

Who is a senior citizen?
A person of age 60 or more (but less than 80) — at any time during a particular financial year — is defined as a Senior Citizen under the Income Tax Act.

A person of age 80 or more — at any time during a particular financial year — is defined as a Very Senior Citizen under the Income Tax Act.

CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer (FFO) Again A High-Risk Bet

Nearly three years ago, in Mar 2014, the Govt. of India had launched a New Fund Offer (NFO) of a mutual fund scheme — in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF — comprising certain specific PSUs i.e. Public Sector Units in its portfolio. [See Is CPSE ETF NFO a worthy investment opportunity? for more details.]

The Govt. now proposes to launch the follow-on public offer of the same, termed as CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer (CPSE ETF FFO).

What are the salient aspects of this CPSE ETF FFO? Should you invest in the same? Let's explore.

How To Save Tax On Your Mutual Fund Profits

Your investment in mutual funds can give you profits in two forms — Dividend or Capital Gains.

Further, the Capital Gains can be in two forms — Short Term Capital Gains or Long Term Capital Gains.

The subject matter of this blog post is to minimize the tax liability on your profits from mutual funds. So equity-oriented mutual funds are excluded.


International Mutual Funds: Seven Checkpoints For A Global Investor

Mutual funds companies are like a multi-cuisine restaurant. They offer a vast menu of funds to choose from. This includes diversified equity funds, large-cap equity funds, mid or small-cap equity funds, income funds, short-term or ultra short-term debt funds, arbitrage funds, liquid funds, gold ETFs, gold funds and much more.

Among this immense variety, you will also come across the "international or global" funds. As the name suggests, the investment objective of such schemes is to invest outside India.

International funds have certain peculiarities — notably taxation and currency risk — which make them different from the funds that invest in the Indian markets.

No Cut In Small Savings Schemes Q4 Interests Rates

In line with the recent policy — to reset the interest rates applicable, on the Post Office #SmallSavingsScheme, on a quarterly basis — the Ministry of Finance has announced the rates for the three-month period from Jan to Mar 2017.

Market interest rates have become highly dynamic in recent times. Hence this trend, to fix the rates after every three months, was started from the current financial year i.e. 2016-17. Till the previous year, the rate resetting was an annual exercise.

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