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10 Key Features Of 'No Claim Bonus' On Motor Insurance

You can earn massive reward from the insurance company, if you are a SAFE driver.

This comes in the form of "discount", on the premium payable on your vehicle insurance policy.

In insurance parlance, this is known as No Claim Bonus. As the name indicates, you become eligible for this discount, provided you haven't made any insurance claims towards your vehicle.

More importantly, this discount keeps increasing year after after (naturally subject to a maximum limit), with every CLAIM FREE policy renewal.

All Dividends Taxed Through The Dividend Distribution Tax

Warning: Do not believe in advertisements proclaiming tax-free dividends.

Reason: Dividend income is NOT EXEMPT from tax.

Of course, you don't have to pay any tax AFTER the dividend reaches your pocket  This creates a wrong impression among many people, that dividend income is not taxable.

What is often overlooked is the fact that, even BEFORE the dividend is received, it has been taxed.

Mutual Fund Investment SAFER Than Stocks, Gold And Fixed Deposits

Let's be very (very) clear — mutual funds are lot safer than stocks (and also bonds, company fixed deposits or gold).

There is a very (very) simple logic behind... what makes mutual funds so safe to invest in.

But before that: Let's get the RIGHT perspective about "what is a mutual fund".

As I have often cautioned, do not look at mutual fund as an investment. Rather, I consider it as a process — whereby (a) a large number of people, (b) hand over their money to an expert, (c) to manage it on their behalf.

Time to Make Your Comfort Wish List Come True

When you visit a retailer to purchase a consumer durable product, you will come across a range of different brands.

After deciding on the brand that’s best suited for the durable you want, the next step is paying for the item.

You may either pay the entire amount in cash or use your credit card to pay for it. Alternatively, you may choose Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) financing.

Here are three factors related to this financing option.

How To Verify Your Demonetized Cash Deposits As Black Money Or Clean

As a result of #demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes in circulation till Nov 8, 2016, you were supposed to exchange or deposit such banknotes latest by Dec 30, 2016.

This is now being scrutinized by the Income Tax Department.

The idea is to identify cases of #blackmoney, where such cash transactions do not appear to be in line with the taxpayer's profile as per IT Dept.'s database. Such discrepancies need to be verified.

This verification — of demonetized currency deposited — has been termed as Operation Clean Money.

IRCTC Offers Free Accident Insurance For Rail Travel

Few months back, the Railway Ministry introduced the concept of accident insurance, for the passengers travelling by Indian Railways.

It is a Group Personal Accident Cover, that aims to insure the passengers against any injury or death due to any rail accident... and other incidents.

You get the policy when you book your rail tickets on the IRCTC's website or mobile app. The insurance cover, provided by IRCTC, is through three general insurance companies viz. ICICI Lombard, Royal Sundaram and Shriram General Insurance.

It is an optional cover, entirely at the choice of the passenger. There is no compulsion to buy this policy.

Impact Of Budget 2017 On Your Personal Finances and Investments

Yesterday, the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget for the Financial Year 2017-18.

Discussed below are some of the key provisions of the same, with respect to our day-to-day money matters.

Some of these tax proposals were announced in the speech, and hence are known to many.

However, a few provisions remained hidden and buried within the bulky budget documents (which I spent the whole night decoding for the benefit of one and all).

Listed below are 14 personal-finance related key takeaways of the #budget2017.

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