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What’s Your True Worth?

Making the decision to buy your first home can be daunting. Many of you who watch the video below will probably see something familiar. When we plan for the success of our lives, our homes are given lowest priority - our business, our cars, our children’s future are all prioritised over buying a home.

In this post we will explore why a home loan can make your dream of owning a home come true and getting a home worthy of your true worth.

Warning! You will lose your money in a scam.

A famous movie star loses around Rs.80 lakhs on account of false promises of a 'massive' 24% p.a. returns by a 'reputed' foreign bank.

A techie from Pune is duped of Rs.38 lakhs by a person she meets on a matrimonial website, who claims to be a doctor from UK.

Property Buyers To Pay Hefty Fine On TDS Default

If you are buying a property, you are supposed to deduct TDS from the total sales price payable to the seller and deposit the same with the Govt. Further, you have to also file the prescribed challan-cum-statement within a specified period.

If you don't, be prepared for some very serious consequences.

You Can Lose Money Even In The Govt. Securities

Government Securities (also known as GSecs or Gilts) are considered to be 100% safe. Since the Government is not likely to default, you can expect that
(a) the interest would be paid regularly and
(b) on maturity, you will get your principal amount back.


Have You Vowed Not To Buy Stocks Ever Again?

Are you among the many investors who, having lost money in equity, have decided never to return to investing in shares?

If so, it is regrettably a clear sign of double standards. Wondering why is it 'unethical' to play safe with your capital?

Age Has No Relevance in Your Financial Planning

You will often come across articles, opinions and columns, advising you to choose your asset-allocation and investments, based on your age.

Beware! This simplified approach, without considering your specific financial profile, is fraught with immense danger.

Pay Tax On Your FD Interest. Or Pay The Penalty.

If you are not paying tax on your interest income, you can 'surely' expect a notice from the Income Tax Department.

Contrary to popular perception, every rupee of the 'interest' that you earn is taxable (except a few exceptions).

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