Tax-free returns on gold deposits proposed

As you may recollect, a couple of months back I had mentioned why "consuming" gold is bad for the Indian Economy and how our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley plans to save India from gold-obsessed Indians.

One of the measures proposed, in the Union Budget for the FY 2015-16, was the Gold Monetization Scheme wherein you could deposit your gold with the banks and earn interest on it.

Nominee change in life insurance is no longer free

As per the Insurance Act,
  • A life insurance policy holder can nominate a person(s) who will receive the sum assured in the event of his/her death
  • This can be done either at the time of buying the policy or even later at any time during the policy term

My name is Insurance and I am not an Investment

With due apologies to Mr. Karan Johar, inspiration for the above blog title comes from his movie tagline 'My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist'.

My name is Insurance...
... and I am not an Investment

Or, rather it would be apt to admit
... and I am not a "good" Investment

Mutual Fund Riskometer IN. Colour Code OUT.

To make life simple for the mutual fund investors and protect their interests, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has regularly been introducing customer-friendly measures.

One such step in this regards was the Colour Coding and Labeling of Mutual Funds, introduced couple of years of ago in July 2013.

If you run from risk, you run from riches

Your risk starts as soon as you have money. It loses value with each passing day due to inflation.

Since inflation will make things more expensive, you can't keep your money under the mattress. You must earn returns on it, which... at the bare minimum... must match the levels of inflation. If not, you will become poorer day-by-day even if you don't spend a single rupee from your corpus.

Given that there is no prevention against inflation, you have to protect and grow your money.

LTA eligibility checklist for tax-free travel

It's time for annual school-break for the kids.

It's time for annual vacation-trip for the family.

Interestingly, the Income Tax Department encourages people to travel... by granting tax-break on the Leave Travel Allowance or the LTA received by a salaried person.

Shocking mistakes mutual fund investors often commit

The history of Mutual Funds in India is now more than two decades old.

For aam investors, mutual funds are one of the best investments available... in all respects i.e. returns, risk management, liquidity, flexibility and tax efficiency.

Despite this, mutual funds remain one of the least understood financial products. I find this very... very... agonizing.

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