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In Mutual Funds You DON'T Have To Book Profits

To invest in equity, you either buy stocks directly or invest in equity-based mutual funds.

However, as often warned, the proven practices that apply to direct investment, should NOT be blindly applied to mutual funds too.

This also holds true for one of the most common rules in equity investment — Profit Booking.

Should You Opt For Home Loan With An Overdraft Facility?

Part-prepayment of our home loan, is one of the first thoughts, whenever we have extra cash in hand. The amount so repaid, is in addition to the EMIs being paid by us every month. This reduces the total interest burden over the loan tenure.

However, this has one drawback... we cannot withdraw this surplus amount repaid, if later we have some requirement(s). Prepayment, once done, is permanent.

This is where the Home Loan with Overdraft Facility comes useful.

How Rs.1 Lakh Became Rs.1 Crore In Mutual Fund Scheme

For those aspiring to become crorepatis, the recent advertisement of Reliance Growth Fund, would have surely caught their attention.

Wait! Before I proceed further, it's important to state that this blog post is NOT an advertisement, NOR a recommendation to invest in a particular mutual fund.

Rather, it is a real life example of how you can become a crorepati... in a simple and transparent manner.

What is Reliance Growth Fund's achievement?

CAN SLIM : How To Make Money In Stocks

Warning: As I have repeatedly advocated, lay investors SHOULD NOT buy stocks directly. They would do themselves a big favour — and make themselves big money — by sticking to the mutual fund route to equity markets.

However, those adventurous enough to take the plunge, SHOULD NOT depend merely on the (supposedly) hot tips. This is sure to burn their fingers (and money).

Instead, a successful stock-picking strategy coupled with some serious hard work, is strongly recommended.

Things you Should Avoid While Applying for a Small Cash Loan

Small cash loans or payday loans are becoming increasingly common due to their simplicity and easy accessibility. For instance, when the note-ban drive disrupted the Indian economy during the last few months last year and afterward, the popularity of these “instant loans” went through the roof. People who were waiting for their salaries and trying to make ends meet availed these salary loans at a high but reasonable interest rate to get through the difficult times.

Unfixed Deposits + Untraded Equity = Unlimited Riches

Many people get their investment strategy totally topsy-turvy.

They act long-term for their fixed-income investments AND short-term for their equity investments.

Hence, PPF, fixed deposits, insurance etc. are chosen for long-term goals. While, day-in and day-out their eyes are focussed on the stock-market tickers, with mouse ready to click on the trading websites.

Ideally, it should be the opposite:

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