Inflation, Interest Rate and Raghuram Rajan's Dosa Economics

Interest rates are always a source of conflict. Borrowers demand low rates. Fixed Depositors desire high rates.

In such a scenario, what should RBI do? This was beautifully explained by the RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan with the example of Dosas.

Lacklusture last Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy for FY 2015-16

RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan today announced the Sixth and the last Bi-monthly Monetary Policy for the Financial Year 2015-16.

Enumerated and discussed below are the key aspects of the aforesaid policy statement.

Tax Free Gold Monetization Scheme Gains and More

Now you can save capital gains tax and also earn interest on your "dead" gold.

Gold Monetization Scheme offers you tax-free income on your gold jewellery, bars and coins.

Tax Free Bonds Public Issues to conclude shortly

If you have some long-term money available, and are looking for a risk-free option, invest it now in the HUDCO tax free bonds.

As mentioned in my last week's post 'IREDA's Tax Free Bonds Public Issue opens this Friday', we are coming to an end of the "tax free bonds season" for FY 2015-16.

Bear Stock Markets Are An Investor's Delight

Globally, the stock markets are in a turmoil. In just a matter of weeks, millions of share market investors have seen their portfolio value erode by billions of dollars.

You will never make money in equity, if...
... if you think that this is "bad news".

Debt Mutual Funds More Safe More Diversified

Last week, SEBI announced the revised prudential limits on investments by the debt mutual funds.

The objective is to make them "more safe" and "more diversified".

These new limits were triggered by the scare last year, when a couple of debt schemes managed by J P Morgan AMC were temporarily in trouble as one company (Amtek Auto) in their portfolio defaulted.

Best deductions u/s 80C to slash your income tax

The month of January is close to its end and barely two months remain to make the investments — as specified in Section 80C of the Income Tax Act — so as to claim the allowable tax deduction.

As is often the case, there are still many who haven't made all the necessary investments as yet. If you are one of them, do hurry up. Else you may end-up with wrong products if you leave the matter to the last minute.

However, even among the disciplined tax savers, many are lagging behind.

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