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Tax-Free NPS Withdrawal Hiked To 60%. But Don't Say Wow.

As per the present rules of NPS (National Pension System),
- On maturity, you can withdraw 60% of the total corpus
- Of this, 40% is exempt from tax and 20% is taxable
- With the balance 40% corpus you have to compulsorily buy an Annuity Plan
- Pension received from this Annuity Plan is taxable

Prediction is Impossible. Here's The Best Way To Invest In Equity.

Last week I got a shock when I bumped into an old colleague after almost a year.

With no job, no car, no house, no savings and a big debt, he naturally looked miserable. Shocking because till recently he had a great job, a palatial house, two big cars and an enviable bank balance!

Why did he end up like this?

It's Not Either Mediclaim Or Critical Illness. It's Both.

The levels of pollution in the air are high. The levels of pesticides in food articles are high. The levels of stress in life are high. Hence, the chances of a person contracting some disease are high.

Further, the costs of medical treatment are also high.

Therefore, health insurance policy against medical related problems is a MUST. As I have stated earlier health insurance equals wealth insurance.

Best Answer To Floating Vs Fixed Interest Rate Debate

You are well aware of the 'floating interest rate' home loans. These are quite commonly available option, wherein the interest rate is linked to a reference rate of the particular bank... presently MCLR (or Marginal Cost Lending Rate). As and when this reference rate changes, the interest on your home loan too will change accordingly.

In addition, banks also sometimes offer 'fixed interest rate' home loans. In such loans the interest rate is fixed, typically for a specified period — normally for 2 to 5 years. Thereafter it may (a) either be converted into a normal floating rate loan or (b) the interest may be reset for another 2-5 years.

Why CPSE ETF FFO 3 Is Not The Right Investment

In Mar 2014, the Govt. of India had launched a New Fund Offer (NFO) of a mutual fund scheme — in the form of an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF — comprising certain specific PSUs i.e. Public Sector Units in its portfolio. It was one of the methods of disinvestment. [See Is CPSE ETF NFO a worthy investment opportunity? for more details.]

Subsequently, it made two additional public offers under the scheme viz. CPSE ETF FFO (Further Fund Offer) in Jan 2017 and CPSE ETF FFO 2 in Mar 2017.

The Govt. now proposes to launch the 4th public offer of the same, namely CPSE ETF Further Fund Offer 3 (CPSE ETF FFO 3).

How To Make Your Car Loan A Joyful Ride

The state of public transport, in most cities and towns in India, is quite pathetic. Therefore, buying your own vehicle is often a necessity, not a luxury.

And, the levels of dust, pollution and noise are increasing day by day. Therefore, if your budget permits, a car would probably be a more comfortable option as compared to a two-wheeler.

Thankfully, nowadays loans are both readily available and at quite competitive rates of interest. Therefore, if your EMIs are manageable, car would be a preferred choice vis-a-vis a bike or scooter.

Think Of Debt Consolidation (When Drowning In Debt)

Plenty of attractive goods and services in the market
+ Smart bankers ready to finance your dreams and aspirations
= Rapidly multiplying debts and EMI obligations

And before you realize, many small bills add up to a hefty amount that threaten to take away most of your salary... every month.

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