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Massive changes in Mutual Fund Schemes post categorization and rationalization.
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How Zero Percent EMI Scheme Is NOT Zero Percent

I am sure you would have received, not one but many offers, of interest-free loans.

All you have to do is to buy a certain product like a mobile, laptop, TV, washing machine etc. — and repay the cost in easy monthly installments.

However, beware! Many of these so-called 'Zero Interest' EMI schemes may not be interest-free as proclaimed. The logic is simple... it would be very rare indeed when someone is willing to make a 'loss' by lending you 'free' money.

Bharat 22 ETF FFO Continues To Be A Risky Bet

In November 2017, the Govt. of India had launched a new Exchange Traded Fund by the name Bharat 22 ETF. The scheme was conceived by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), Ministry of Finance as a means to dis-invest a part of its holdings from time to time.

The merits — or rather the demerits — of the scheme were discussed in my blog posts Bharat 22 ETF: Twenty Two Companies. One Investment. and Bharat 22 ETF NFO : Should You Invest Or Not?

Your Money Is Begging For 60 Minutes To Turn You Rich

Example 1
Some years back, a mother of 3 children from UK won an amazing £50,000 in a bingo lottery. But soon she lost it all... on car, television, furniture, vacations and relatives. With no money left to send her children to school or even pay the rent, she had to seek her mother's support for her day-to-day survival. She could have done a lot with £50,000. Instead, she just blew it away.

You Must Verify Form 26AS Before Filing IT Return

The month of June has begun and soon will begin our annual struggle to file our Income Tax Returns.

Our past experience tells us that the details of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) are the most cumbersome and troublesome aspect of this process.

As you know, TDS is deducted by your employer, your banker, your tenant and now even the buyer of your property. All these, and such other tax deductions, are consolidated at a single point which goes by the name... Form 26AS.

Are You Adequately Prepared For The ‘Unforeseen’?

Risks are a part and parcel of anyone's lives. Most people live under the false impression that 'It won’t happen to me'. Therefore, they don't take adequate measures to prepare against the tragic incidents such as death, natural calamity, critical illness etc.

Apart from the mental trauma, these can play havoc with ones' finances.

Fortunately, a simple planning can go a long way in protecting you and your family against hardships in many such unfortunate events.

Inflation Is The Biggest Risk In Retirement Planning

Warning: Many people fail to account for inflation, when estimating their retirement corpus.

Suppose, Rs.50,000 per month as living expenses is their target, post retirement. To earn a safe and regular income, they plan to invest their corpus in a bank fixed deposit. Based on the historical trend, one can expect to get around 8% p.a. as interest income.

Thus, to earn Rs.6 lakhs per annum, they work out that a corpus of Rs.75 lakhs would be sufficient for their retirement.

Never Invest In The 'Close-ended' Equity Scheme NFOs

NOT scared of the sharp ups and downs in the stock market?
You can skip the ‘close-ended’ equity mutual funds / ELSS schemes.

Scared of the sharp ups and downs in the stock market?
Even then you SHOULD skip the 'close-ended' equity mutual funds / ELSS schemes. (In fact, you should not invest in equity at all.)

In short, no one should invest in the close-ended equity-oriented funds!

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