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3 Cs Of Health Insurance That Make It Indispensable

The Kumar family is in a deep shock. A mild stroke has paralyzed Mr. Kumar’s right side and it will take around 6 months for him to fully recover.

Besides the loss of income, the family’s investments are down by more than Rs.7.50 lakhs on the treatment costs. Plus, going forward, paying the monthly home loan EMIs will be a big challenge, not to mention the day-to-day living expenses.

This is indeed quite tragic.

More tragic, however, is that this is not a one-off case. Instances of medical-related financial bankruptcies are very common.

Tax On Your Investments: Simple Brief Quick Recap

Most people give undue focus to the tax on salary income. In the process, they ignore the tax on their investment income. This is bad.

Because: Often the tax outflow on their investments, far exceed the tax on salary. Hence, much more tax savings are possible on the investment side, rather than the salary side.

Returns on All Investments and in All Forms — whether as Interest, Capital Appreciation, Dividend or Rent — are almost always taxable (except a few exceptions).

How To Become RICH: Replace 'SK' In 'riSK' With 'CH'

There is a simple two-step formula to become "rich".

Step 1: Take 'Risk'

Step 2: Replace the last two letters 'sk' with two new letters 'ch'

That's it! You become 'Rich'.

It's quite clear that all the magic lies in the 2nd step.

So, let's see how we can delete 'sk' from risk and add 'ch' to it.

Rental Income And Capital Gains On Sale Of Property: The Tax Implications

This post is contributed by Paisabazaar.

Property investments are typically considered one of the safest and most lucrative investment options. 

However, property investments made with the objective of (a) earning rental income or (b) higher returns due to value appreciation, are also the most complex transactions.

There are tax-related and other implications associated with your property transactions. Therefore, one needs a fine understanding of these nuances.

17 Security Features Of The New Currency Note of Rs.2000

As you are surely aware, the banknotes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations existing till Nov 8, 2016, have suffered #demonetization. In other words, they are no longer a legal Indian currency.

Of course, as discussed earlier, this doesn't mean that such Rs.500 and Rs.1000 banknotes are worthless.

As a replacement, new notes of denomination Rs.500 and Rs.2000 have been issued. (And, new notes in other denominations too, will be introduced in due course of time). So, you can exchange the earlier banknotes with the new ones.

Why Mutual Funds Won't Survive On The Planet Mars

As an investment, mutual funds are a 'strange' species. In fact, I wonder if we should classify them as an investment at all.

Rather, they should be referred to as a "process"... whereby a large number of people hand over their money to an expert, to manage it on their behalf.

It is the job of the fund managers to invest the amount so accumulated. They do this to the best of their Expertise, Experience and Aptitude. And, depending on the objective of the particular mutual fund scheme, the corpus is invested in Equity, Debt or Gold (or a mix of the same).

Are the existing Rs.500 and Rs.1000 banknotes completely worthless?

Unless you are a Big Boss Season 10 contestant, it is (almost) impossible that you are unaware of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's momentous announcement that...
... All the banknotes of denomination Rs.500 and Rs.1000, currently in circulation, are abolished and scrapped effective from Nov 9, 2016.

This is indeed a historic moment in India's "financial" history.

However, contrary to many articles and comments floating around, these banknotes are NOT worthless. Of course, it depends on one simple aspect... honesty.

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