Credit or Debit Card, which one to use when? (Audio Blog)

Given below is the audio version of my blog When to use a Debit Card and when a Credit Card...

This confusion is quite common and a wrong choice can prove quite expensive.

Pre-2005 banknotes: 6 more months on life support system

In early 2014, RBI had announced the complete withdrawal of the old series of notes, issued prior to 2005, from the circulation.

Since the new banknotes, in the Mahatma Gandhi series, were in circulation for more a decade and have better security features, it was decided to withdraw the old design notes.

Tax break on credit / debit card payments soon

Good news! The Govt. is willing to give discounts and tax breaks if we use debit or credit cards and such other electronic means to make our payments.

In this regards, it has issued Draft Proposals for Facilitating Electronic Transactions. This indeed is one of the many brilliant initiatives from the Modi Government which is mere 1-year old.

Where to invest my money? (Audio Blog)

Given below is the audio version of my blog 'One Query. Five Answers.'

And the query being the one of the most common ones i.e. where should I invest my money.

Sovereign gold bonds OR Gold coins / bars

In his Union Budget for 2015-16, Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley had proposed three schemes to save India from the gold-obsessed Indians viz. Gold Monetisation Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond and Indian Gold Coin.

A few weeks back Govt. had announced the Draft Guidelines on the Gold Monetisation Scheme.

And now come the Draft Guidelines on the Sovereign Gold Bond.

Tax benefit on Tuition Fees elucidated

In case you are not aware, under the Income Tax Act you are eligible for certain tax benefits on the tuition fees paid by you during a given Financial Year.

Let us explore the specifics of this tuition-fee tax break.

Why tax-free bonds don't excite me?

Public issues of tax-free bonds are eagerly awaited. While many such issues had flooded the market during FY 2011-12 to FY 2013-14, there was a break during FY 2014-15.

Though many PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) have already lined up their issues of tax-free bonds for the FY 2015-16, I am not too thrilled about it.


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