All about Credit Score and importance of the same

The concept of Credit Score is still quite new to India. As such, very few people are aware of it and ignorant about its significance.

In fact, it is known more commonly by a specific name... CIBIL Score (we shall see later, why).

Historic crash in stock markets? Oh, I didn't know that.

August 24, 2015 was a Black Monday for the stock markets across the world. I knew NOTHING about it.

As a financial advisor and with more than 70% of my money invested in stocks, this would surely shock you.

Was I stranded on some deserted island or lost in deep African jungles? No. I was very much in town and working. So how did I miss one of the biggest crash in the stock market in many years?

Company Fixed Deposits are toxic investments, avoid

Three important fixed-income product categories include
- Bank Fixed Deposits (incl. Post Office Schemes)
- Company Fixed Deposits (incl. NCDs)
- Debt Mutual Funds

In your best interest, I would strongly advise you to NEVER invest in company fixed deposits.

Your annuity pension payout option is needed, now

As you know, when your Pension Policy matures, you have to buy an Annuity Plan with the maturity amount.

It is this Annuity Plan, under which your pension is paid out, post retirement.

A typical Annuity Plan offers you many options to receive this pension. [Detailed write-up on the same is available at How you wish to receive pension in your Annuity].

Expect the dreaded Income Tax Notice when you...

Receiving an Income Tax Notice from your Assessing Officer, is perhaps one of the scariest things ever.

This fear arises, primarily from two reasons (a) you have evaded tax and (b) you are ignorant or lazy about the tax laws.

While you address the first issue, let me the talk about the second one.

Cost Inflation Index : A tax saving formula

Suppose, in June 2005 you bought a property worth Rs.20 lakhs. In Jan 2015, you sold it for Rs.70 lakhs. Your Gains = Rs.50 lakhs.

Do you have to pay tax on this profit of Rs.50 lakhs from the sale of your property?

No. Your "taxable" gains are much lower, thanks to the concept of Cost Inflation Index.

Two biggest equity investing myths shattered

Belief 1: Investing in stocks is risky.

Belief 2: One has to "buy low, sell high" i.e. time the markets.

I am here to prove that, both these assumptions, are absolutely FALSE.

Really Simple Books on Personal Finance and Investments

Books by Sanjay Matai
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