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Is Your Health Policy An Insurance Or A Lottery?

In plain and simple terms, there are basically three types of health insurance policies...
  • policies that reimburse the actual expenses incurred on medical treatment;
  • those which pay the entire Sum Insured upon "diagnosis" of certain diseases (irrespective of the actual expenses);
  • and those which pay a fixed amount per day of hospitalization and/or per surgery (again irrespective of the actual expenses).

New Rules On Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme Are Notified

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme, launched in December 2014, offers
- assured returns
- high competitive returns
- tax-free returns

Therefore, for Indian investors (who simply love 'guarantee' and 'tax exemption') this is a great product, just like the PPF.

Your Safest Investments Are Also The Most Risky

Fixed Deposits and Non-ULIP Insurance Policies are considered to be the safest products, because you (normally) don't lose money by investing in these schemes.

Yet, they are the most risky investment you will ever make. 

Oops, that sounds contradictory...

How To Select The Low-Risk High-Yield Debt Funds

In my previous blog post 'How To Find The Best Mutual Funds With Least Risk', I had explained how to choose the least-risk equity mutual funds.

Since equity investment is different from debt investment, the risk characteristics of debt mutual funds are different.

How To Find The Best Mutual Funds With Least Risk

Do you want to invest in mutual funds that shine brightly for a short while... and then disappear?

Or, do you want 'golden' funds in your portfolio, that will glitter for many years? If yes, focus on the quality, not merely the returns!

Proofs for LTA, HRA, Sec 80C-80U. Honest taxpayers suffer.

It is indeed a tragedy that honest taxpayers are often victimized, even while lakhs of people merrily continue to evade taxes.

In fact, this injustice and repeated harassment deters, even those who may be keen to rightfully pay their taxes. Who, in his right senses, would willingly submit himself to this "tax terrorism"?

Mutual Fund AAUM Data Reveals Very Disturbing Facts

Total quantum of money, managed by a mutual fund scheme, is known as the Assets Under Management (AUM). And, the average assets managed during a given period is known as AAUM (Average Assets Under Management).

Analysis of the corpus managed by the Indian mutual fund industry, during the 3-month period Jan-Mar 2016, reveals some very disturbing trends.

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