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Massive changes in Mutual Fund Schemes post categorization and rationalization.
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Never Invest In The 'Close-ended' Equity Scheme NFOs

NOT scared of the sharp ups and downs in the stock market?
You can skip the ‘close-ended’ equity mutual funds / ELSS schemes.

Scared of the sharp ups and downs in the stock market?
Even then you SHOULD skip the 'close-ended' equity mutual funds / ELSS schemes. (In fact, you should not invest in equity at all.)

In short, no one should invest in the close-ended equity-oriented funds!

There Is Financial Prosperity In Diversity

Indians are fanatic about cricket. So let me use cricket as an analogy to discuss a very crucial investment strategy — Asset Allocation.

You are the selector of the team that will play your financial matches. Your objective is to build a team [buy assets] that,
(a) will win matches [fulfill your needs and desires], 
(b) consistently [achieve most of your financial goals]
(c) across different pitches [different situations].

I Have A Live-In Relationship With My Investments

In human relations, getting married and living together till eternity is a good idea.

However, being wedded to your investments and staying with them forever is not such a good idea.

Each investment has its pros and cons. Therefore, at a certain stage in your life, it may be a good investment for you. As they say, the two of you may be compatible. But as your financial profile changes, the same investment could turn bad and become a liability.

10 Golden Money Rules To Become A Crorepati

In my experience, lack of financial literacy is the main reason why people have not made the best use of their money. Their potential to become millionaires has, therefore, remained unrealized. This is indeed unfortunate.

Worse, they have repeatedly fallen prey to fraudulent schemes. Time and again cheats have been able to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

Repaid Your Auto Loan? Don't Forget These Key Steps.

Vehicle loans are nowadays quite common. And, the process of availing such loans is extremely simple and straightforward.

However, while starting a vehicle loan may be quite easy, ending the same is rather a long and cumbersome process.

Not many people are aware that paying the last EMI on their car / two-wheeler loan is not the end of the story. There are some key actions yet to be taken thereafter.

7 (Surefire) Ways To Remain Poor

Do you think only money makes money? Wrong.
If it were true, you wouldn’t have had the countless rags-to-riches stories.

Do you think that some special talent makes money? Wrong.
Many talented persons have not made any decent money. And yet there are many average persons who have become millionaires.

Getting Married? Match The Money Kundli too!

Money incompatibility is increasingly becoming a common cause for separation among couples. Studies in US show that the first fight is usually about money.

In earlier times, it was generally the husband who earned and managed the money. But nowadays, with both partners working, money matters have become a joint affair. It is but natural for two individuals to have different views, which can lead to disagreement and discord.

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