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8 Factors That Affect Your CIBIL / Credit Score

This guest post is contributed by Samawat Shakil, Content Manager, OMLP2P

The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) is the most popular of the four credit information companies authorized by Reserve Bank of India. There are three more companies licensed by the RBI to operate as credit information companies. They are Experian, Equifax, and Highmark. Still, the most popular credit score in India is the CIBIL score.

10 Key Features of 'Standard Individual Health Insurance'

IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has recently issued guidelines on the 'Standard Individual Health Insurance Product'.

The market is presently flooded with numerous health insurance plans. Each offers unique features. As such, it is not easy for a common person to choose the most appropriate mediclaim policy.

Hence the need for a standard policy — common across all insurance companies — which will take care of an individual's "basic health insurance requirements". This will also simplify the process of policy portability among insurers.

PO Small Savings Schemes Investors (Again) Happy

The Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance has announced the latest interest rates on the Post Office Small Savings Schemes for the period Jan to Mar 2020.

Contrary to a rate reduction that many were expecting, the Govt. has decided that such interest rates shall remain unchanged this quarter too, just like the previous quarter.

This has naturally made the investors in Small Savings Schemes very happy. They have already been suffering as the interest rates on Bank FDs have come down in recent months.

4 Ways to Get the Ideal Personal Loan Interest Rate and Tenure

This guest post is contributed by Satchit Hasabnis, co-founder

A personal loan, as understood, is a collateral-free loan, which can be used for any expense. Thus, if you take this loan, there will be no restriction on the end purpose of the funds. Many take the funds to meet immediate financial requirements like a medical emergency, travel, education fee, even debt consolidation. Or, use the money for a big-ticket purchase, home renovation, wedding, etc. Basically, this kind of funding is a key to overcome all your monetary woes.

Bharat Bond ETF Offers No Investment Bonding

The Govt. of India has announced its plan to launch a mutual fund scheme that will invest only in the bonds issued by the Public Sector Companies... hence the name Bharat Bond ETF.

The idea is to offer an investment which is as SAFE as the Fixed Deposits, and yet delivers superior POST-TAX returns with better LIQUIDITY.

Let's explore:

10 Salary Components That Can Help Employees Reduce Tax Burden

This guest post is contributed by CA Abhishek Soni.

When talking about salary, there are two components of the salary which are usually calculated. One is the CTC (Cost to Company) which represents your gross salary package which the employer pays you in one year.

The other is the take home salary which is, in effect, the salary that you get in cash at the end of every month.

Why Health Insurance Has Become Important With The Rise In Lifestyle Diseases?

Be it a younger adult, around 30s, or an older adult, around 50s, lifestyle diseases have become common in all age groups in urban India. Hearing about a 30-year-old heart patient was a rare thing, a few years ago.

But not anymore.

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