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Don't Play Like Dhoni For Your Financial Goals

India lost the World Cup semi-final match. A lot has been said and written about it.

Well, here's my take on India's 'unexpected' defeat... Dhoni.

We lost the match because of Dhoni's strategy.

Virat Kohli said it was 45 mins of bad cricket. Wrong! It was 2 hrs of bad cricket (by Dhoni).

Virat Kohli said we lost the match because of bad shot selection. (Partly) Wrong! We lost the match because of non shot selection (by Dhoni).

Public Issues of Sovereign Gold Bonds in 2019-20

In end-May 2019 the Central Govt., through the Reserve Bank of India, had announced the calendar for four Public Issues of Sovereign Gold Bonds till Sept 2019.

One public issue has been scheduled every month – designated as Series I to IV – beginning from June 2019 to Sept 2019.

Salient features of the same detailed below:

Tiny Cut In Post Office Small Savings Schemes Interest

The Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance has announced the latest interest rates on the Post Office Small Savings Schemes for the period July to Sept 2019.

This was notified vide its Office Memorandum 'Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes' dated Jun 28, 2019.

What are EMI Calculators and Why You Must Use Them

This post is contributed by Shiv Nanda.

If you cannot pay the full price of an expensive product or an asset like a car or house, you can take a personal loan and pay the amount in EMIs. Equated Monthly Instalment or an EMI is the amount that you have to pay back to the lender every month on the account of loan provided by them. The EMI amount is deducted each month from the loan amount to get to the balance payments.

Third Party Motor Insurance Premium Rates Hiked

The insurance cover for your cars, two-wheelers and other vehicles comprise of two parts.

- Any damage to your vehicle is insured under what is termed as Own Damage Cover.
- Whereas insurance for damage or injury to a third person is known as Third Party Cover.

- Own Damage cover is 'optional'
- But, Third Party insurance is 'compulsory'.

Making International Money Transfers Simplified

This post is contributed by Jon Dela Cruz.

The international money transfer industry is no longer the domain of just banks and high street forex brokers. Now, you get scores of FinTech companies from which to choose as well.

Data released by the World Bank suggests that the average cost of sending money through a bank is around 10.44%.

RBI Extends The RTGS Timings

The Reserve Bank of India, has vide its notification Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System – Extension of Timings for Customer Transactions dated May 28, 2019, has extended the RTGS timings.

The extended timings for customer transactions (initial cut-off) in RTGS will be 6:00 pm as against 4:30 pm at present.

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