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Passwords are priceless assets in this digital age

As mentioned yesterday [See post 'Limited damage on misuse of Credit, Debit or ATM Cards'], it is imperative that we take all precautions necessary to safeguard our Cards, PINs and Passwords. Surely you don't want anyone to run away with your money!

Even though these security measures are common knowledge, umpteen people continue to still fall into the traps laid by tech-savvy criminals.

Therefore, I guess it is necessary to be constantly reminded lest we become complacent and leave the doors open for thieves to simply walk in.

In this regard, certain Dos and Don'ts stipulated by the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, are detailed below:

"Do not:
i.   allow anyone else to use your card, PIN, password or other security information.
ii.  write down or record your PIN, password or other security information.
iii. store your password(s) in your mobile / browser.
iv. give your account details, password / PIN or other security information to anyone, including those who claim to be authorized representatives of the bank.
v.  respond to any communication asking for bank account details for any purpose.
vi. fall prey to fictitious offers / lottery winnings / remittance of cheap funds in foreign currency from abroad by certain foreign entities / individuals, including Indian residents acting as representatives of such entities / individuals. These offers are generally made through letters, e-mails, mobile phones, SMSs, etc.

i.  memorize your PIN, password and other security information and destroy the written communication, if any, received by you.
ii.  choose your new PIN carefully, if you change your PIN.
iii. choose a “strong” password and change it regularly.
iv.  take reasonable steps to keep your card safe in your personal custody and your PIN, password and other security information secret at all times.
v.  take care to ensure that no-one can see you enter your PIN when you use your card at ATMs or at Points of Sale (POS) counters.
vi.  inform us of the disclosure or possible disclosure of your PIN or Password as soon as you are aware or suspect your PIN or Password has been disclosed. You should also change your Password / PIN as soon as you are aware or suspect that someone else knows them.
vii. consider using a different PIN or Password for different cards or equipment.
viii.  put in a power-on/access password in your PC / Mobile, screensaver password on your PC, so that no one else can use your PC/ Mobile without your consent."

This, as you would definitely agree, is a matter of utmost seriousness. Don't take it lightly or else you could be the next unfortunate victim of some smart crook.

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