The Most Authentic Guide on Personal Finance and Investments

(Funny) Words of Wisdom : "Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won't be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did." ~ Henny Youngman

Personal Finance Mistakes (You Would Surely Like to Avoid)

Human behaviour is extremely perplexing and confusing. It is full of strange and baffling contradictions.

Therefore, when I observe the many varied day-to-day situations, I am forced to seriously wonder — Is the human being really as wise, intelligent and sensible as he thinks he is?

Listed below are some of the extremely common mistakes that people make, when it comes to managing their money.

One. Do you hand over the keys of your house or bank locker to a stranger?
Then why do you disclose the PIN, OTP etc. of your Debit Card / Bank Transaction to strangers?
Numerous people have lost money in this manner.
I am sure you wouldn't like to be the next victim of such theft.

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Two. Do you like to buy things at full price or wait for discount offers / seasonal sales?
Then why do you buy shares when the markets are booming, and not when they are in dumps?
Numerous people have suffered losses by investing at the peak of the stock markets.
I am sure you wouldn't like to fall prey to such irrational exuberance.

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Don't be so careless with your personal finances.

Three. Do you think you are a better cricketer than Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kolhi?
Then why do you think you are a better stock investor than the professionally qualified and experienced fund managers?
Numerous people believe they can make money by directly investing in stocks.
I hope you don't carry such false notions in your head.

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Four. Do you pay Rs.100 for a bottle of coke costing Rs.35?
Then why are you Ok with three times the interest cost on your credit cards vis-a-vis the much cheaper secured borrowings?
Numerous people look for convenience and pay a heavy price for it.
I am sure you wouldn't like to unnecessarily pay exorbitantly extra charges for the same benefits.

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Five. Do you trust someone whom you know has the habit of repeatedly tells lies?
Then why do you believe the builders who have failed 99% times to deliver the property on time.
Numerous people are facing the double trouble of rents and EMIs.
I am sure you wouldn't like to sail in the same boat.

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Six. Do you look at SUVs when you want to purchase an environmental-friendly and a fuel-efficient car?
Then why do you buy an insurance policy when your objective is a sound and efficient investment?
Numerous people buy the utterly useless and absolutely fruitless endowment / moneyback plans.
I am sure you would like to be a better and smarter investor.

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As is obvious — if you desire to become rich and aspire to be a millionaire — earning "more money" or getting "more returns" is not everything.

Rather you have to become "more informed" and "more rational" in your approach towards your personal finance and everyday money matters. 

To make it REALLY... REALLY... SIMPLE for you, here's the Concise A to Z Personal Finance Guide for your quick and easy reference.

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