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9 Simple Yet Priceless Tips On Your Money Management

Over the years, while assisting you with your personal finances and investments, I have gained immense knowledge and wisdom.

Early last year, I had compiled the same into a small but invaluable Ebook '101 Classic Tips on Money Management'.

In this Ebook I have enumerated "Invaluable" Tips on...
... financial planning
... equity shares
... mutual funds
... fixed-income products
... insurance
... credit cards
... loans
... gold
... miscellaneous

Listed below are a few of the tips excerpted from the book.

1. You may own the best car. But, if you don't know how to drive, it won’t take you anywhere. You may earn the best salary. But, if you don't know how to manage it, you will probably end up with nothing useful. Hence, you must invest in financial "lessons", before investing in financial "assets".

2. Don’t be fooled by Bonus Issues. They are a mere financial gimmick. You are not getting anything free. In fact, you get nothing at all – free or otherwise. It is just reclassification.

3. Myth: Mutual funds are risky. Equity funds are definitely lot safer than directly investing in stocks. Debt funds are definitely lot safer than company FDs, NCDs or bonds. Further, they are almost as safe as Bank FDs or Post-Office Schemes (plus a lot more tax efficient). Gold Exchange Traded Funds are definitely a lot safer than gold bars, coins and jewellery.

Simple tips to make you an INSTANT MASTER of your everyday personal finances.

4. Don’t think fixed deposits are risk-free investments. Risk of default is the biggest threat when investing in fixed-income products. Not only the interest, but even the principal amount is prone to such risk. Numerous people have lost money ‘even’ in fixed deposits and bonds.

5. Are you aware of the free-look period? If you are not satisfied with your insurance policy, you can return it within the ‘first fifteen’ days of receiving the policy copy.

6. Plan your credit card usage to the last penny. Either you make the outstanding balance ‘zero’ before the due date. Or the credit card will make you a BIG ‘zero’ after that.

7. When your debts and liabilities exceed your income and assets, you are Financially Fat. This is the warning sign to immediately start a debt diet plan. Please bear with this short-term pain for long term peace and prosperity (To cure any disease, we have to suffer the pain). You ‘owe’ it to your family.

8. Financial-gold i.e. Sovereign Gold Bond and Gold Exchange Traded Fund (Gold ETF), are the ideal modes of investing in gold, compared to Physical Gold (i.e. jewellery or gold coins / bars).

9. There is no such thing as ‘no risk’ or ‘zero risk’. 100% safety is a BIG myth. Even PPF and Fixed Deposits are risky! Because losing capital is not the only risk. Inflation, lower returns, illiquidity, volatility are also ‘serious’ risks. Therefore, think of risk “management”, not risk “prevention”. Avoid Safety. Protect Risk.

Are you a 'time-challenged' person, looking for quick, but GENIUNE advice on your money matters?

Then, this book is just perfect for you.

With these short, sweet and simple, 101 tips you can instantly master almost all the daily facets of your personal finances... from fixed-income to equity, from loans to credit cards, from gold to insurance, and much more.

You can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD the Ebook '101 Classic Tips on Money Management' at Pothi.com.

This book is probably the best investment you will ever make.

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest ~ Benjamin Franklin

101 Classic Tips Money Gyaan

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