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Why Health Insurance Has Become Important With The Rise In Lifestyle Diseases?

Be it a younger adult, around 30s, or an older adult, around 50s, lifestyle diseases have become common in all age groups in urban India. Hearing about a 30-year-old heart patient was a rare thing, a few years ago.

But not anymore.

Due to increasing work pressure and rapid urbanization, people are getting more susceptible to non-communicable diseases and others that are caused just due to a poor lifestyle. They are so busy in their lives that they even do not get time for a 30-minute workout session. 

Hence, being insured is the most important thing in the modern world of uncertainties. 

India Fit Report 2019
Here are some highlights from a recent report - India Fit Report 2019 - by GOQii, which studied more than 7 lakh Indian citizens to gather the following information. 
  • 40% increase in diabetes cases among people below 45 years of age. 
  • 90% increase in blood pressure cases among people below 45 years of age. 
  • Delhi records to have 55% of the overweight population in the country. 
  • 40% increase in overall cholesterol cases.


Why Health Insurance Is Important?

A critical illness or health insurance policy is important for the following reasons - 

a. Better Cover Than Mediclaim: Most of the individuals get a mediclaim than an insurance plan for their health. They do not understand that mediclaim covers only the hospitalization costs, whereas an insurance policy covers the costs of hospitalization, surgery medicines, and treatment. Hence, you get a lump sum amount. 

b. Compensates Loss Of Income: During the period of treatment, you might incur a loss of income, which is covered by an insurance policy, up to a certain extent. 

c. Reduce The Burden Of Rising Medical Costs: Medical costs are increasing dramatically. Hence, in case of emergency situations, most of the individuals end up spending their year-long savings and get left with nothing. However, with an insurance plan, you can minimize this burden and protect your savings. 

d. No Claim Bonus: The insured gets paid with a bonus amount, in case he or she does not claim for any medical treatment in the last year. 

e. Income Tax Benefit: Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India, paying insurance policy premiums are eligible for tax deduction. Premiums paid for children, spouse or self are eligible for a tax deduction of up to Rs. 25,000 for individuals up to 60 years of age. 

f. Miscellaneous Benefits: Benefits such as coverage for day-care surgeries, ambulance coverage, coverage for vaccination expenses and regular health check-ups are also provided under a health or critical illness insurance policy. 

Unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle is the major driving force behind the rise of lifestyle-centric diseases. With a continuous check on your fitness, health and diet, regular exercise, and a substantial insurance policy by your side, you can definitely step forward to a healthier life and be financially prepared for any emergency.

So, insure your health today; check out different health insurance plans available online and choose the one that fits your needs.

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post.

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