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Relax, ITR V is History. EVC is the Future.

People e-filing their income tax returns, are well aware of ITR V. It is the acknowledgement copy that you must send to the IT Central Processing Centre at Bengaluru, within 120 days after e-filing your income tax returns.

But now, ITR V is (almost) consigned to the dustbin. And, filing your income tax returns, gets the EVC touch.

EVC stands for Electronic Verification Code. 

As per Income Tax Department's recent notification EVC for electronically filed Income Tax Returns, henceforth Electronic Verification Code would be used to verify the identity of the person furnishing the return of income.

What is EVC?
- EVC is a 10-digit alpha-numeric code, which would be unique for an Assessee PAN
- It will not be valid for any other PAN
- One EVC can be used to validate one return of the Assessee
- It can be used for ITR 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 4S, 5 or 7
- Return can be for any Assessment Year or of any type (Original or Revised)
- EVC can be obtained through various modes
- It can be generated multiple times
- The EVC will be valid for 72 hrs... or as specified
- Only a valid and unmatched EVC will be accepted
- Invalid, unmatched or the already used EVC shall be rejected

After simplified ITR Form and EVC, filing returns is no longer terrifying.
How to generate EVC?
There are four modes, through which you can generate your EVC, to be used for verification and validation of your income tax returns.

Case 1: Via Net-Banking
Certain banks have registered with the IT Dept. to provide their customers a direct access to the e-filing website [https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in] through their internet banking.

If you have access to e-filing website through your internet banking, you can use the same to go to the website and generate your EVC. 

It will both be displayed and sent to your validated mobile number registered on the e-filing website. This can be used to verify your income tax returns.

Case 2: Via Aadhar authentication and One Time Password (OTP)
You have to provide your Aadhar number on the e-filing website, for linking with your PAN. The name, date of birth and gender in PAN will be verified with the details in your Aadhar with UIDAI. If this authentication is successful, your PAN and Aadhar would get linked.

Thereafter, UIDAI will send an OTP to your mobile number registered with it. This Aadhar OTP will be your EVC for IT return verification.

Aadhar OTP as EVC is valid for 10 mins (or as specified by UIDAI)

Case 3: Via ATM of your Bank
You can use this mode, provided your ATM card is linked to a PAN validated bank account and the bank is registered with the IT Dept. for providing this service.

'Generate EVC for Income Tax Return Filing' has been provided as one of the options at these bank's ATMs. After the usual authentication of your card using your ATM PIN, you can select this option. Accordingly, your request would be forwarded to the IT Dept., who will send you the EVC on your mobile phone registered on their e-filing website. You can use this to verify your income tax returns.

Case 4: Via the e-filing website
If the total income is less than Rs.5 lakhs and there is no refund claim, you can generate EVC on the e-filing website. Your EVC would be sent to your registered email ID and mobile phone number. You can use this to verify your income tax returns.

Once you have the EVC, through any of the aforesaid modes, you can click on the e-Verify link on the e-filing website and submit the same. After successful verification, download the acknowledgement and your e-filing process is full and final complete. No more of physically mailing the copy of ITR V to IT, CPC, Bengaluru.

Of course, if you still wish to take the paper route of ITR V, you can still do so.

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