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How Mr. X hacks your secret bank account details

Be Very Careful...

Some unknown Mr. X, sitting on his laptop, in some unknown country Z, is on the prowl.

He is desperate to hack into your bank account.


Banks have top-class and proven security measures in place. So, it is highly unlikely that he would be able to break through them.


Yes, there is BIG "but" here!

His chances are much brighter in hacking into... your Brain.

Over many decades and centuries, it has been repeatedly observed and proven, that our brain has extremely poor and weak defence against
- Sex
- Money
- Fear

And it is precisely these weaknesses, that Mr. X is hoping to exploit.
Is your Brain an easy prey to Panic, Greed or Seduction?
That's why, many emails in your inbox or the SMSs on your phone, are all about
... the million dollar lotteries that you have won
... someone from some shady country is ready to transfer millions of dollars to your account
... a pretty young girl or a bored housewife is looking for some "fun"
... access to your bank account would be blocked unless you install the new security feature

As you have rightly guessed, Mr. X is employing Seduction, Greed and Panic to make you disclose your top secret bank account details.

Many have fallen prey to these, simple yet effective, tactics. Not just the poor and naive, but even the rich and educated have often become their hapless victims.

Therefore, this WARNING...
... NEVER EVER disclose your top secret account details to ANYONE!

Not even to any bank employee!
... they have no "right or reason" to know these details.

Not even to your mother!
... she may "inadvertently and unsuspectingly" leak the information to a crook.

Keep the following information ABSOLUTELY Top Secret
- Internet Banking User ID and Password
- 3D Secure PIN [the additional safety feature provided for online card transactions]
- Credit Card or Debit Card number
- Expiry dates of these cards
- 3-digit CVV number and Grid values on the reverse of these cards
- One Time Password (OTP) sent to you on your registered mobile number, valid for a specific transaction initiated by you

I am sure you don't want Mr. X to gain unlawful access to your bank account and steal your money.

In addition
- Preferably DO NOT conduct your banking transactions at the cyber cafes
- DO NOT reply to e-mails / SMS / calls that ask you to disclose Password / PIN / CVV / OTP
- Log off and close your browser after using Internet Banking
- Do not access your Bank account through links in e-mails

These simple precautions will ensure that...
... Mr. X cannot hack into your Brain
... Your money remains safe and secure in your bank accounts.

And, last but not the least...
... spread the word among your near and dear ones; and help them also to keep their money safe from the deadly clutches of Mr.X.

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest ~ Benjamin Franklin

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