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How to spot a fake Rs.500 banknote?

Fake banknotes is an extremely serious matter. As such, central banks across the world including Reserve Bank of India (RBI) take extreme security measures to ensure that forging the banknotes that they print is not easy.

Despite this, criminals do print counterfeit notes and try to pass them off as genuine ones.

Given that fake banknotes have "zero" value and their possession can get people into really serious trouble with the police, one must always be on guard against them.

To help you to identify counterfeit notes, RBI has created a website http://paisaboltahai.rbi.org.in/home.aspx where it has illustrated the various security measures incorporated in the banknotes of various denominations.

Listed below are the 11 security features that you will find in a Rs.500 banknote.


1.See through Register

Next to watermark window is a vertical band. In the middle of this vertical band, a floral design is printed both on the front and reverse of the note with numeral '500'. Both the printed portions have an accurate back to back registration so that the numeral appears as one when seen against the light.

Hidden portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, multi-directional lines and the numeral '500' can be clearly seen in this section, when viewed against the light. 

3.Optically variable ink
The colour of '500' appears green when the note is held flat and blue when tilted at an angle.

The note series, number panel, security thread and a few particles scattered in a note will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. 

5.Security Thread
It has 'Bharat' and 'RBI' inscribed on it. The thread changes colour from green to blue when viewed from different angles. It appears as a continuous line from behind when viewed against the light. 

6.Intaglio Printing
Printed in raised ink, that can be felt by touch, are the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, RBI Seal and 'Paanch Sau Rupiye'. 

7.Latent Image
In this vertical band on the extreme right of the bank note, you can see the hidden image of '500' when the note is held at the eye level. 

8.Micro Lettering
In the zone between Mahatma Gandhi's portrait and the right vertical band, you can see 'RBI' and '500' using a magnifying glass.

9.Identification Mark
This helps the visually impaired people to identify the denomination of the note. A Rs.500 note has a circle printed with intaglio ink that can be felt by touch.

10.Year of Printing
The year of printing of the note appears on the reverse side of the note.

11.See through Register
The floral designs printed on the front and back fit into each other and appear as one when seen against the light.

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