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(Precious) Words of Wisdom : "Never spend your money before you have earned it." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Are you financially FIT or FAT, check out now!

Nowadays, far too many people suffer from food and debt overindulgence. Obesity, both physical and financial, has assumed epidemic proportions. While excessive fat is bad for your physical health, excessive debt is bad for your financial health.

When you are physically obese...
... extra fat in your body quickly saps your energy and you feel tired too soon
... risk of hypertension, heart trouble, diabetes etc. increase manifold

When you are financially obese...
... extra debt drains away all your income too quickly, leaving you cash-strapped
... you become exceedingly susceptible to even minor financial emergencies and shocks

By promoting the "six-pack abs" lifestyle, Bollywood has done a very good thing. Even if getting rid of the extra fat and sculpting your body may be just another fashion trend, it at least has a beneficial impact on peoples health.

And there are many slimming options to choose from : 
- Dieting
- Gyms
- Yoga
- Surgery
... and many more

Unfortunately, people still don't appreciate the risk of being financially fat, which happens when your income / assets fall short of your EMIs / liabilities. More the shortfall, more financial fat you carry.

While you can't hide physical obesity behind your clothes, good dressing could create an illusion of financial prosperity. Even though you may be deeply indebted, this deception and pretense may lull you into complacency.

I am sure you intensely desire to own a dream home. I am sure you will never want to risk your children's education. I am sure you would like to provide the best medical facilities to your family if, god forbid, any such eventuality arises. I am sure you wish to lead a comfortable retired life. All this may not be possible if you are financially not in shape.

Debt slimming is, therefore, a must and options range from
- Rebalancing
- Refinancing
- Budgeting
- Financial Planning
... and so on

You have many criteria such as height-to-weight ratio, body mass index, etc. to judge how fat you are physically and the standards that you must attain. Similarly, you have debt to income ratio, solvency ratio, etc. that determine your financial obesity and define the danger levels that you mustn't cross.

Do your financial obesity test today and start your debt reduction plan!

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