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Beware of phishing attacks warns RBI

About 18 months back I had cautioned how some smart criminals had duped Mr. Desai of his precious Rs.11 lakhs within a matter of minutes [Must Read 'How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Phishing...a type of cyber crime?'].

Many gullible and innocent people have unfortunately continued to fall prey to such fraudsters. In light of these incidents occurring time and again, RBI has — for the umpteenth time — issued a warning to the general public against crimes like phishing / impersonation.

As discussed in the modus operandi below, these savvy thieves play with your emotions of greed and fear.

1. You are informed, via emails from "official" looking websites or people posing as RBI ./ bank officials, that millions of dollars are ready to be transferred to your account from some foreign country. And that you have to pay certain bank charges besides disclosing sensitive account information for the transfer to be completed. Don't people ever wonder why anyone would, one fine day out of the blue, offer such large sums to them?

2. You are led to believe that your account or cards are being closed or are under some serious threat. To protect the same you are constrained to reveal your PIN no., CVV no. and other such vital personal / security-related information.

Please IGNORE all such communication.

NEVER make the mistake of believing that RBI is
- Asking its officers to make any kinds of offers to you
- Giving you bumper amounts as lottery prizes
- Transferring astronomical sums from abroad to your bank account
- Securing your bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards
- Maintaining any of your deposits

In its recent Public Release it has explicitly stated that "The Reserve Bank of India clarifies and reiterates that it does not send any such mails or make such calls. In fact, no bank or respectable organization asks for bank account details or details of the debit or credit cards over email or phone."

So, not only RBI, even your Bank will NEVER call you or send such emails.

Therefore, Beware!! Ignoring RBI's warning could lead to devastating consequences.

In fact, I think each one of us should also widely spread this message from RBI (apart from all the jokes and interesting videos) to ensure that none of our friends, relatives or colleagues become victims to such cyber crimes. 

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