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(Precious) Words of Wisdom : "Wall Street makes its money on ACTIVITY, you make your money on INACTIVITY." ~ Warren Buffett

Do Not Occupy Wall Street; Destroy it

It will not be sufficient to occupy the Wall Streets of the world or pass laws to control their activities. They need to be demolished - not physically but in spirit. The real underlying cause has to be destroyed; just treating the symptoms will not suffice.

Money is the spirit, the core, the essence and the very source of existence of the Wall Streets of the world. And it is this ‘money’ that must be attacked if one has to permanently cure this ailment. Stop the money supply and all these so-called financial giants will collapse in no time. Choke them for money and they will be dead forever; with no possibilities to rise again.

So how can one stop this money flow to them?

1.Do not trade often
One source of income for these financial firms is the brokerage they earn on the trades they execute. So just stop trading too often. Less trades means less brokerage. Less brokerage means less money supply to these firms.   

Moreover doing less number of trades is good for you too. Investing in stocks should be a long-term exercise. Day-to-day trading is akin to gambling; it is definitely not investing. Trading only makes the brokers rich – that too at your expense. The right approach is to buy good businesses and keep them for long term. By doing this you will become millionaires, not your agents.  

2.Do not borrow
Earning interest and other fees by lending money is another source of income for the financial firms/banks. So just curtail your borrowing. Less borrowing means interest. Less interest means less money supply to these firms.

Moreover less borrowing is good for you too. Financial prudence requires that one should save a portion of one’s income for the future. By borrowing we are doing exactly the opposite – we are consuming tomorrow’s (uncertain) income today. Spend only what you have already earned and resort to borrowing only in exceptional circumstances.

3.Do not use credit card
Credit cards carry obscene and uxorious charges. These charges are the third major source of income for the financial firms/banks. Less credit card usage means less charges. Less charges means less money supply to these firms.

Moreover less usage of credit cards is good for you too. Credit cards often lead to splurging and wasteful expenditure. By using less of credit cards, you will automatically cut down both the wasteful expenses and burden of the heavy charges. This will make you financially healthy and fit.

Do all this and you can be sure that these financial kings soon be paupers – not you.
Do all this and you can be sure that these financial kings soon be on the streets – not you.

Sanjay Matai

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