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Edelweiss Mobile Trader - Smarter. Quicker. Simpler.

Smartphones have brought about a radical transformation in our day-to-day life. From communication to shopping; from entertainment to education; from socializing to business; almost anything is possible with a simple gadget in our hand.

And when it comes to shopping, practically everything — from dirt-cheap pins to multi-crore properties — can be bought and sold online, through numerous applications on our smartphones.

So, why not securities too?

This is where Edelweiss comes into the picture. Among one of the leading financial services companies in India, it has launched a mobile trading application called EMT 3.0.


The objective is pretty straightforward... to offer investors a cool and comfortable platform on their mobile phones to trade in securities. They should be able to buy / sell stocks and derivatives from anywhere, anytime, instantly and with maximum convenience.

EMT 3.0 comes loaded with numerous stunning features that make trading incredibly easy and fast.

1. Designed for the beginners
No more cumbersome procedures and practices. A Do-It-Yourself Guide, coupled with a central KRA system, enables even the first-time investors to open their trading accounts with utmost ease and speed.

2. Opens a new account in an hour
It will take you "at most" 60 minutes to open a new trading account in EMT 3.0. This is a significant improvement compared to the two days that it would normally take in the past. In short, you are just an hour away from trading in your preferred securities.

3. Stay connected with the market
'One-touch' and 'One-screen' is all that you need to stay connected with the market on a minute-to-minute real-time basis. Given the dynamic nature of trading, every moment is precious and every second counts.

4. 'Technical' excellence
Charts and Technical parameters are the heart and soul of trading. Hence, the live streaming charting with 'twenty three' technical indicators that the EMT 3.0 provides, is an absolute game-changer.


5. Information is king
You would be lost if you don't have the right information at the right time. EMT 3.0 comes with a dedicated news section. This gives you access to all the latest market-related economic data, analysis and news, both from India and internationally. No more missing out on any golden investment opportunity!

6. Status at a glance
Your account status, performance summary, cash available, market overview, etc. are all captured on a user-dashboard. Thus, in a single glance, you can view all your critical data and information.

7. Remarkable 3-Step trading
Step 1: Press button 'T'. 
Step 2: Add the desired Quantity. 
Step 3: Click on 'Trade'. 
Trading was never so effortless.

8. Exceptionally friendly user-interface
One-step login, separate trading and non-trading sections, advanced filters and sorting options are some of the distinctive aspects, that make EMT 3.0 one of the most user-friendly and interactive mobile trading apps.


9. Multiple types of Watch Lists
With EMT 3.0 one can create dynamic and pre-defined watch lists for research calls, open positions, holdings etc. Further, you can conveniently customize it to display the details as per your requirements. In fact, it also provides free watch list for all users.

10. Quick Search Facility
Essential market and trading data can be searched and accessed instantly. Stock details, trading data, market trends, recent searches and all such trade-relevant information are retrievable without any fuss or fret.

The feature-rich highly-rated Edelweiss Mobile Trader EMT 3.0 is, therefore, a very smart securities trading application for a smart trader.

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