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SCORES at your service

If you have any complaint against a company listed on the stock exchange or against any of the intermediaries registered with SEBI (e.g. Brokers, Registrars and Transfer Agents, Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, Credit Rating Agencies, Depositories and its participants, Merchant Bankers, etc.), you have a very convenient online system to seek resolution.

SCORES or Sebi COmplaints REdress System ( is a web-based centralized grievance redress system initiated by SEBI that enables you to lodge your complaint and track its status 24 x 7. 

All activities, from start of a complaint to its closure, are done online. Apart from filling in the necessary details, you also have the option to attach supporting documents (max up to 1MB).

As soon as you lodge a complaint, an email is generated that acknowledges the receipt of your complaint and allots a unique complaint registration number for future follow-up. If the complaint falls under its purview, SEBI would forward it to the entity concerned, who is supposed to redress the grievance and thereafter send a written reply to the investor along with filing an Action Taken Report within 30 days.

Important: You should first approach the entity concerned directly with your complaint. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can use the SCORES system to escalate your matter to SEBI.

It may however be noted that if the dispute cannot be sorted out between the company / entity concerned and you, SEBI cannot intervene and resolve the matter on your behalf. In such cases, you would have to take legal recourse against the entity.

Certain kinds of complaints not handled by SEBI include
- Complaints against unlisted, de-listed, wound-up, liquidated or sick companies
- Sub-judice matters
- Complaints which fall under the purview of other entities such as RBI, IRDA, Ministry of Company Affairs, etc.    

SEBI would also not entertain allegations without supporting documents; incomplete complaints; non-listing of private placements; non-traded / illiquid shares; correspondence offering suggestions or seeking guidance.

By the way, if you are not familiar with SCORES or do not have access to the internet, you can even post a physical copy of your complaint to any of the SEBI's offices. These are scanned by SEBI and uploaded on the SCORES website for further action.

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