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Words of Wisdom : "A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it." ~ William Feather

9 Ways of Protection Against Frauds and Mis-Selling

ALL people lock their doors, hire watchmen and/or install various gadgets to protect themselves against theft.

VERY FEW, however, take the same kind of precaution(s) against financial mis-selling and frauds. Hence, their money is at considerable risk...which they don't realize.

EVEN the "richest" and "best educated" people lose millions of dollars and crores of rupees to frauds and mis-selling - everyday. So don't be under the impression that you will not be a victim of some such dubious scheme. (In fact, if you have bought an insurance policy for investment purposes, you already have become victim of mis-selling.)

You be smart!

DON'T become the next VICTIM of some smart conman (or con-woman).

1. Don’t be carried away by ‘high-returns’
2. Avoid persons who prey on your fears
3. Never believe in word-of-mouth promises
4. There’s no substitute for research
5. Don’t buckle under high-pressure
6. Good manners have fooled many people
7. Actively monitor your investment
8. Keep records properly
9. If in doubt...ask, ask and ask again until you fully understand the product

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Ignorance is like a SIGNED BLANK CHEQUE... anyone can MISUSE it.

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